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Copperstate Dental takes pride in providing top-grade solutions that make the practice of dental professionals more effective. We have been serving various clients in the Phoenix metropolitan area for more than six years.

Ortho Share 3D™

Ortho Share 3D™ is a highly automated yet simple tool for importing, managing, and sharing patient records such as photos, X-rays, and 3-D models of dentition in a searchable database. Its compatibility with a variety of software makes Ortho Share 3D™ a practical and easy gateway for offering aligners and precision bracket placement as treatment options.

The ability to share records with patients, coordinating doctors, laboratories, and insurance companies can improve communication and treatment and promote referrals. Robust yet convenient to use, the software is not complicated by extra features that many users do not need.

Using Ortho Share 3D™ can save you time and money while providing high-quality results for your patients. The software allows you to:

  • Import your patient's intraoral scans, fill out the prescription form, and send the order directly from within the software. Data transfer is highly automated.
  • Process your order and have the virtual models sent to you for review. With very easy tools, you can fine-tune the setup if you desired.
  • Complete the order for aligner or indirect bonding tray fabrication.
  • Print 3-D models and thermoform the aligners on them. Then, we ship the finished products to you in professional packaging and ready to be delivered to your patient.

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